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Psychic House Party

Unique Ideas for Birthday or Anniversary Parties!

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Why do the same thing as everyone else? Try something different! Adding Psychic Entertainment to your party ensures a memorable event for which you will receive compliments for months afterward!

The Psychic House Party:

A great party on its own or as an addition to your Cocktail or Holiday party.  Mr. Saint-Germain gives fast, accurate and entertaining Psychic Readings to your guests throughout the evening.  The Host or Hostess receives an extended reading and a Numerology Report. Mr. Saint Germain can also perform a full-room denonstration of paranormal phenomena such as psychometric mediumship, dowsing, and psychic question-answering.

Wow!! What a GREAT party! Thanks, Jon Saint Germain!! Your readings were the hit of the evening. Everyone is still talking!

- Laurie G

Our guests are still talking about the wonderful readings of Mr. Jon Saint-Germain! Jon was a complete professional and a joy to work with. He arrived early and mingled among the guests, giving fast readings. He was charming, funny and his readings were spot on. One guest was afraid to get a reading, but soon he had her laughing and she had more fun than anybody! At one point he read the palms of five people at the same time, something I had never seen before, and I can see why he was chosen as the official palm reader for the president. We will definitely use him again and highly recommend Mr. Saint-Germain to anyone looking for the best palm and card reader.

- Brian M


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