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Due to numerous requests, I've revived my audio hypnosis sessions. These were originally recorded on cassette tapes and I've had them digitally remastered on CDs so you can jump to the induction tracks after listening to the directions the first time.

These seven Hypnosis sessions are specially designed to help you work on the most common problems people ask me about. And they are far less expensive than costly therapeutic sessions.

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smokingStop Smoking NOW! $20

WLHypnotic Weight Loss $20

stStress Busters $20




painPain control $20



insomniaBeat Insomnia $20


MemoryImprove Memory and Concentration $20




confidenceDevelop Unshakable Confidence $20





Click here to buy my Hypnotism Cds 

Through special arrangemnt with Richard Busch, DCH:

“The Mind Focuser”

 Would you like to feel more relaxed and have a calmer, more focused mind so you can do better in everyday life? Of course you would! Can you think of other people you know, care about, treat, employ, or otherwise deal with who would also enjoy such benefits? Of course you can!

 Let’s face it, we all live in incredibly tense and challenging times! What with the economy, political and security concerns, you know what I mean. So I asked myself a question. Are there some very basic, dependable techniques that I’ve shared professionally with clients over the years that I could teach almost anyone to do? They would have to be relatively quick and easy to learn, and these days, affordable, so that everyone who wants to learn them, can. Even more importantly, the skills would have to be reliable so that most people could actually feel a noticeable, positive change for the better in our way too often, crazy world.

That was my question.

My answer became The Mind Focuser™.



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