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Hypnotism Show

HypeyesAnother Great Entertainment Brainstorm that will make your audience talk about your event for months afterward!

HYPNOSIS  a fast-paced, funny, amazing sixty-minute presentation wherein your audience members become the stars of the show!

WHAT HAPPENS? — Under the power of HYPNOSIS, imagine your audience members -- people whom you know and work with -- becoming movie stars, ballet dancers, Space Aliens and Pop Divas!  You'll know you made the right decision when you hear your audience's laughter and gasps of amazement!


IS IT APPROPRIATEIf you have an audience of at least 40 people, and they love to have fun, then this show may be just what you're looking for.  Everything Saint-Germain does is based on family style entertainment. No blue humor or crude language here. This makes him a favorite of mixed audiences of all ages.  His show is so versatile that it can fit anywhere you have a need for fast paced, fun entertainment.  Call to book this dynamic show for your next “must see” event.


"Everyone is still talking about what you did! . . . " -- Bill Mason, Mason, Peterson, and Smith Law Offices


". . . Everyone here at the office is still talking about how wonderful you were . . . It was truly an evening to remember and a Christmas party that we will never forget." —Diana Whiteside, Wendy’s Corporate Office


"...Everyone was talking about your performance all through the night."

-- Lisa Kincaid, Royal Brass and Hose


People remember the Saint-Germain experience for years afterward. Isn't this what you want for your event?

The only show of its kind, anywhere. Especially designed for maximum entertainment impact. Enthusiastically received by over 1600 distinguished groups from all parts of the country.  Low-maintenance on your part.  We provide all necessary props, PA reinforcement, backdrops and lighting. Powerful, POSITIVE audience-friendly entertainment.



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1. You love boring, uninteresting entertainment.

2. You get tired of people coming up to you all year long to congratulate you on providing great entertainment for your event.

3. Your audience can’t handle the excitement.

4. You believe that too much laughter is bad for you.

5. You want your audience to forget your event as soon as possible.

6. You hate to have fun.

7. You’re NOT looking for the best value for your entertainment dollar.