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Private Readings

I am available for private readings in the Indiana Area.  I use Palmistry and Numerology to provide you with the most comprehensive reading possible. The standard reading lasts for one hour.  Please call (812) 332-6526 for an appointment; available slots are limited.

Hypnosis Session

I provide a Hypnosis session for habit control, relaxation, and to explore Past Lives.  These sessions usually last an hour, but may be more or less depending on the needs of the client.


Readings by E-Mail



I can do readings for you via e-mail.. If you want a Palm reading, send me a scan of both hands and I will send you back a recorded reading. E-Mail me for fees.



I need your name at birth, your birthday, and the name you go by today.  I will send you an extremely comprehensive 100+ page report, dealing with your past, present and future trends. E-Mail me for fees.


Call to reserve an appointment:

(812) 332-6526

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