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Doll-babies are representational figures upon which spells are worked. The dolls are hand-crafted and various roots, minerals, talismans, and personal objects are incorporated into the doll. If you send me an item of clothing, I’ll use it in the manufacture of the doll. Hair and fingernail clippings work best, and a picture is also useful. The personal object creates a strong magical bond between the Doll-baby and the person whom it represents.

I weave most of my Doll-babies from corn husks and incorporate the magical materials into the body of the doll as I go. SOme of my dolls are also made of wax, cloth, and spanish moss. The dolls to the left were made to promote a harmonious and faithful marriage. Doll-babies can also be used to protect your home and your pets.

Spells with Doll-babies aren’t just worked on other people. You can use them for yourself to attract money and love, to get over a relationship breakup, to protect yourself from evil influences, to attract business, all manner of beneficial uses.

Doll-babies are made and sold as curios only.


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