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Candle burning for spiritual purposes goes back many centuries and is a part of virtually every major religious service. As a part of rootworking, candles are used to offer prayer, make wishes and to "lay tricks," that is, to work a spell. Candle work is used to set up and initiate a conjure, and is also called "setting lights."

I make my own candles and decorate the glass with powerful symbols, sigils and spells to add extra attractive power. I add the necessary materials directly into the wax as I pour, so it's evenly distributed throughout the candle. Some of my candles are shown here, and a money-attraction conjure is shown in progress.

The proper candle is selected, dressed with the proper oils or sachet powders for the intended purpose, and the intention is prepared. Often, prayers or petitions are written in ritualized ways on brown paper and talismans are added. Some conjures require additional roots, minerals, animal relics and personal items from the intended target.

Sometimes candles are allowed to burn for days; sometimes they must burn at specific times and require diligent tending. Candle magic often must be initiated at specific times of the day, or at specific times during the lunar month. Candle Service is a delicate and fussy form of conjuring, but a very powerful spiritual technique.

Different colored candles are used for different intentions. Traditionally, the colors are:

  • white -- spiritual blessings, purity, healing,
  • blue -- peace, harmony, healing
  • green -- money spells, luck, business, a good job,
  • yellow -- devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction
  • red -- love spells, affection, passion (See above for a love work in progress)
  • pink -- attraction, romance
  • purple -- mastery, power, ambition
  • orange -- changes, opening the way, prophetic dreams
  • brown -- court case spells
  • black -- repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, protection from evil

When you contract with me to perform a candle conjure for you, I send you a picture of your candle with your name or intials on it and a progress report on how it's burning, as the quality of the burn reveals how well it's going. The candle burns on my home altar so I tend it personally and nurse the l along. After the candle finishes burning, I perform a divination on the smoke and wax remaining on the bottom of the glass and send you my prognosis.

Candle burning is a spiritual tradition that utilizes prayer and ritual to intercede on your behalf with spiritual beings. There is no guarantee that results will turn out the way you want them. There is a natural order to things--call it the will of a Higher Power, Fate, Natural Law, karma, whatever you want-- and some things are just meant to be. However, I also believe a great many situations are open to influence and can be changed through sincere and honest intention.

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