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Jar or Bottle Spells are self-contained conjuring environments carefully crafted to bring about a desired result. Selected magical roots, minerals, animal relics and personal concerns are placed in a container along with talismans and prayer petitions. 

The bottle spell is consecrated with a specific prayer or curse depending on the client's needs. I usually burn a candle in the bottle's mouth and seal it shut with another prayer or curse, as needed before sending it to you. You can burn a candle on it to set it to work, or shake it to really stir it up depending on the type of spell.

As you can see from the Money-Attraction Jar I created, I paint and decorate my jars so they're little works of art. You can place them on your mantle or kitchen window and people think they're objets d'art, and never suspect their magical nature--unless you tell them!

Bottle spells can be used to:

  • Protect your home
  • Curse an enemy
  • Attract love and money
  • Find work or get a promotion
  • Break up a couple
  • Attract business
  • Drive away unwanted neighbors or co-workers
  • Increase your luck

Spell jars are sold as curios only.

Contact me to discuss making your own bottle spell.


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