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Call Upon the Patron of Doctors For Aid & Comfort
The Seven Day Asclepius Ceremony is a prayer ritual which appeals to the god of medicine to bring his loving attention to your situation.
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Asclepius is the god of medicine and also the patron of doctors. Asclepius was the son of Apollo and the Triccaean princess Coronis. His mother died in labor and when she was laid out on the pyre, Apollo cut the unborn child from her womb. From this Asclepius received his name which means 'to cut open.' Asclepius grew so skilled in the medical arts that he was able to restore the dead to life. This was a crime against the natural order and so Zeus destroyed him with a thunderbolt, beginning Asclepius' apotheosis into godhood. A large statue of Asclepius watches over the altar.

Included on the altar are relics from Saint Mutien-Marie Wiaux (1841 - 1917) and Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini - also called Mother Cabrini - (1850 - 1917).

Saint Mutien-Marie Wiaux was reknown for his patience and piety in life, but his fame grew even greater after his death (1917) when inexplicable healings were associated with his intercession. Among these were 44 year old Dominique Scaccia, who suffered a burned leg which had become infected. The infection spread and doctors felt her situation was hopeless. Dominique's family prayed over a relic of Mutien a novena (nine day prayer). Following this, the doctors were shocked to find Dominique completely healed. Another miracle accured in 1952 when 62 year old Georges Thibault van Salzinnes was suffering from an inoperable tumor in his leg that was both extremely painful and had rendered him virtually crippled. He went to the tomb of Saint Mutien and prayed for relief. Immediately the pain ceased and he was able to stand and walk normally - being declared fully healed three days later. Another miracle witnessed by many occured in 1977, during the official recogniztion of Mutien's remains. Mutien's colleague Brother Madir was badly debilitated by osteoarthritis but insisted he attend the recognition of the remains. No sooner had he touched the bones of Mutien than he felt his pain vanish, and he could walk normally. He was declared totally healed soon thereafter. Because of these miracles, Saint Mutien-Marie was canonized by Pope John Paul the II in December of 1989.

Mother Cabrini devoted her life to the care and needs of orphans, famously founding the Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum in West Park, New York, - later renamed Saint Cabrini Home. She also worked tirelessly to build numerous schools and hospitals, many of which were eventually named after her. All told, she founded 67 missionary institutions to serve the sick and poor, long before government agencies provided extensive social services – in New York; Chicago and Des Plaines, Illinois; Seattle; New Orleans; Denver and Golden, Colorado; Los Angeles; Philadelphia; and in countries throughout Latin America and Europe. Cabrini was beatified on November 13, 1938, by Pope Pius XI, and canonized on July 7, 1946, by Pope Pius XII. Her beatification miracle happened on March 14, 1921 when a nurse incorrectly administered nitrate to an infant's eyes - eating through his corneas and blinding him. After prayers were made to Mother Cabrini, she was credited with miraculously restoring the child's eye tissue and sight. This child, named Peter Smith (1921–2002), would later be present at her beatification and become a priest. Her canonization miracle involved the purportedly healing of a terminally ill member of her congregation, Sister Delfina, on Nov. 13, 1938. Such was her popularity, Pope Pius XII waived the canon law that required a half-century lapse between the first examination of the candidate’s virtues and actual elevation to sainthood. When she was canonized, an estimated 120,000 people filled Chicago's Soldier Field for a Mass of thanksgiving.

Also adorning the altar are medical tools once used by an ancestor of Reverend Saint Germain, John Riggs (1848 - 1915), who despite having no formal medical training was able to self-educate himself and served as the community doctor in Campbell County, TN.

The Seven Day prayer is a powerful ceremony which appeals to spirits to bring their loving attention to your situation. Reverend Saint Germain will personalize this ceremony to meet your specific needs and satisfy the unique nature of your situation. You will receive photos of the work along with the Reverend's interpretation of any signs or omens observed during the ceremony.