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Think about the many different things you do with your hands each day: eating, writing, gesturing, caressing a loved one. Now take a close look at your hand. Is your palm round or square? The shape reveals your instinctive reactions to life. Square hands are generally "thinkers," while round hands are more likely to be "feelers." Are your fingers short and plump or long and thin? Your fingers reveal how you approach the world around you.

The hand is the visible agent of the brain, an extension of the mind and through our hands we manipulate the world around us. Our hands reflect our moods and thoughts. Over time, through habitual mannerisms and gestures, our unique personalities are recorded on our hands.

An Artist Among the Spirits: The Celebrated Life of Reverend Adele Clemens

Crystal Magic: Divination, Healing, and Spellcraft with Gems and Minerals (2016)

Lithomancy: Divination and Spellcraft with Stones, Crystals, and Coins (2018)

I Ching: An Interpretation by Reverend Jon Saint Germain: A Practical Method for Divination and Counseling (2017)

Runic Palmistry (2001)

Karmic Palmistry (2003)

Lover's Guide to Palmistry (2008)

The Wizard's Legacy (2002)