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The Altar of Broken Dreams is a section of Divine Harmony Spiritual Church that is devoted solely to Jinx work. The altar is home to a large collection of children's dolls - each one with a grim backstory. Over the course of a lifetime, Reverend Saint Germain has collected these dolls from broken families, tragic deaths, cursed or jinxed households, found in haunted buildings, destroyed in catastrophic acts of nature, one from a family who begged the Reverend to take it off their hands. Some were privy to the last words of dying individuals. These dolls have witnessed the worst of mankind's misfortunes and depravities and, when properly enticed, will pass them on to the target of your anger.

Reverend Saint Germain will personalize the Ceremony of Broken Dreams to meet your specific needs, and select the elements which will best serve your unique situation. This altar work involves a mixture of ceremonial rootwork, candle vigils, sacred relics, and prayer to petition spiritual forces to rally to your cause. Depending on the type of ceremony, prayers may last 3 to 5 days. You will receive pictures of the work along with Reverend Saint Germain's observations and interpretations of any omens or signs that were seen during the ceremony.