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Included is everything you need to make & work your own corn doll poppet! This kit includes six corn husks, a length of jute (twine), two hand-crafted pins, two bottles of dressing oil (one for blessing, one for jinxing), and printed instructions!

Corn dolls are traditional, durable and have many advantages. This is a true Appalachian craft, and it’s believed that the Cherokees and other Native Tribes made corn husk dolls. Although these dolls were given to children to play with, they were considered spiritually powerful. They are traditionally made as representational figures upon which spells are worked. They aren't just used for work on other people, though. You can use them for yourself to attract money and love, to get over a relationship breakup, to protect yourself from evil influences, to attract business, all manner of beneficial uses.

Corn dolls hold oil, powder, incense, and pins. They repel water as long as you don’t soak them too long, so you can bathe them and not worry about them becoming soggy. Making them is satisfying.